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About Fabricworm

Learn More About Fabricworm sells modern fabric for quilting, apparel, home decor and many other craft items. We carry one of the largest selections of organic cotton fabric and imported fabrics on the web. Find a large selection of custom bundles carefully curated by our staff to take the guess work out of matching prints, patterns, and colors. Choose from stunning quilt bundles where we have put together the requirements needed for the latest and greatest quilt patterns from our favorite designers. Whether you are sewing for children or adults, you’ll find a beautiful curated selection of whimsical prints, as limitless as a child’s imagination.

Cynthia Mann, Founder

Founded in 2008, Fabricworm was born from an overall devotion and love for modern fabrics. Cynthia recalls the prints and patterns from her childhood, found on the wallpaper in her mother’s kitchen, and on the wrapping paper from gifts she received. Cynthia credits her mother for her affinity for retro prints and patterns, and she is a self-titled Fabricworm at heart.

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