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Urban Chiks

"Since weíre just getting to know each other, Iím going to stick with a few facts.

I started out life planning to be an architect but Iím the first to admit that my math skills arenít great. That didnít stop me from starting a small company where I designed and built furniture Ė with the help of a few close friends.

While I donít like being labeled, I am a Maker. Designing, decorating, building, renovations, I like doing it myself. Iím an entrepreneur and these days, Iím busy trying new business ventures. Iím a Mom to two kids and two dogs, a wife, a crafter of everything and anything, a quilter and a Navy veteran.

There is only one UrbanChik Ė just me. Holly. My style is a quirky mix of vintage and modern, boho and farmhouseÖ which means itís hard to predict whatís coming next."