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Savanna Sunset by Tatiana Abaurre for FIGO

Tatiana Abaurre is a new designer that we’re so excited about! Tati is a pattern designer and illustrator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, living in Ljubljana, Slovenia with her husband and son. Tatiana has a deep love for prints and patterns and has always felt inspired by nature, especially by the beauty of flowers and birds. Her passion is creating art that is cute, colorful and happy and Tatiana’s dream is to fill the world with adorable sweet patterns that make you smile. Her first collection with FIGO called Savanna Sunset was inspired by none other than Tatiana’s two and a half year old son, Leo! The collection was created around a lion pattern she designed to celebrate his first birthday. Tatiana created it to be both modern and sweet, using hand drawn elements along with watercolor details. Savanna Sunset was created with babies and younger kids in mind, designed to be mostly gender neutral using soft earthy pastel tones inspired by the colors of the sunset.
Coming Soon!
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