Sarah Kirsten

"Hello there! Sarah Kirsten I'm Sarah

I love to create sewing patterns that make women feel wonderful about themselves. As a woman, I've always had trouble finding clothes that flatter my body and make me feel like myself. It made me feel like my body wasnít beautiful and I wasn't expressing who I was. But then I started getting serious about sewing my own clothes and things changed. I realized that if clothes don't fit correctly, it's not your body's fault, it's the clothing's fault.

Your body is beautiful and all the clothing you put on should highlight that beauty.

Iím drawn to beautiful, natural fabrics and minimal, simple designs because thatís the kind of life I want to live. It's lovely to wear linen clothing Iíve made for myself around the pastures of my sheep farm.

Wearing unique clothing on the outside helps you express the uniqueness you feel on the inside.

I'm motivated to design patterns that show how beautiful your body is and to help you feel confident in who you are through the clothing you make yourself."